UCLA Law Review Forthcoming Articles

Under the (Territorial) Sea: Reforming U.S. Mining Law for Earth’s Final Frontier

Misdiagnosing the Impact of Neuroimages in the Courtroom

Towards a Theory of Equitable Federated Regionalism in Public Education: Reversing the Role of School District Boundary Lines in Dismantling Brown v. Board of Education

Immigration Detention as Punishment

Opinions First—Argument Afterwards

Deprivative Recognition

Some More Guidance Needed for the Some Evidence Standard: Lifer Inmates and California Courts Need Clarity on the Scope of Judicial Review for Habeas Corpus Petitions

Fast and Furious, or Slow and Steady? The Flow of Guns From the United States to Mexico

Marriage Equality and Post-Racialism

Insider Trading as Private Corruption

Expressive Enforcement