di·a·lec·tic /dī-ə-ˈlek-tik/ ·n.

 •  The art of investigating the truth of opinions; testing of truth by discussion

The UCLA Law Review publishes groundbreaking legal scholarship that is relevant to individuals both in and outside of the legal field.  In order to share this work with a wider audience, we’ve created Dialectic, the official podcast of the UCLA Law Review.  Through this podcast, we hope to show listeners how seemingly abstract legal theories and ideas can have concrete effects on our everyday lives.

The podcast format allows us to spotlight some of our authors and explore the passions and motivations that drive their legal scholarship.  It also allows us to provide listeners with more in-depth information about our published pieces and to situate our journal within broader conversations about law, politics, and the like.

In each episode of Dialectic, we discuss a legal topic from a recent or forthcoming UCLA Law Review article.  Often we do this by interviewing our published authors about their legal academic work.  On occasion, we ask other academics and professionals to comment on our published pieces.  By speaking with both our own authors and leaders in other, nonacademic fields, we hope to generate an ongoing dialogue that will supplement our print journal and be interesting to a variety of listeners.

Current Episodes

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Episode 0: Intro to Dialectic
Jan. 4, 2016

In this episode, we introduce ourselves and explain what we hope to accomplish through Dialectic.

Production and Hosting by Lucy Williams
Production and Editing by Boris Mindzak

Music in the episode: Something Elated by Broke For Free licensed under CC BY 3.0 US


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