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  1. Philip Arlington says

    I am English and I follow three strands of American life closely: the law school scam, Scientology, and multi-level marketing scams, especially Mary Kay. All three are indicative of a society where there is no effective control of the exploitation of the gullible by the connected. I suggest that Americans are better than anyone else in the world at screening such unpleasant realities about their own country behind wafting clouds of high-faluting rhetoric about their good intentions and virtues.

    The conclusion is clear: American law professors are privileged people who exploit the weak. They should look in the mirror before criticising others. The most culpable are those with the greatest privilege and therefore the greatest power. If the Dean of either Harvard Law or Yale Law spoke out against the scam it would rapidly fold. It is to their shame that they do not do so.

    The aspect of the law school scam which riles me the most is the implied insult to the rest of the world. If the American model of four year undergraduate degree plus three year high cost law school is the only model which can produce good lawyers or high levels of effective justice, the United States must have the only competent legal profession in the world and be the most just society on earth. I've travelled a good deal, and I just can't reconcile those inferences with my observation of reality.

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