Discourse publishes shorter articles, shorter response pieces and non-traditional law review articles. Discourse pieces are considered on a rolling basis and, if accepted, have an expedited production schedule. Like our print journal, Discourse articles are published on Westlaw, Lexis, and other legal databases, go through a thorough editing process in which one editor works closely with the author, and are carefully cite-checked and reviewed for citation format accuracy.

All authors should send manuscripts to lrcee@lawnet.ucla.edu. Please submit a CV along with your manuscript.

Discourse submissions can include:

  • Shorter Law Review Articles
  • Response pieces to Articles previously published in the Law Review and Discourse
  • Book Reviews
  • Interdisciplinary and Empirical Studies

We will review submissions that are between 3,000 and 10,000 words.

Discourse Submission Guidelines
Submissions for Discourse can follow any form or format. Please follow these guidelines:

  • Footnotes must follow the Bluebook citation format.
  • The thesis or mission of piece should be stated clearly, briefly, and promptly since the main page of Discourse will only display about the first 150 words of a piece.
  • A submission should be lightly footnoted with no more than one citation per footnote if possible.
  • Multiple parallel citations are not encouraged.
  • Footnotes should include web links in citations that can be directly linked to sources.
  • Avoid extensive text in footnotes.

Discourse Production Process

Discourse pieces undergo two expedited rounds of editing, as opposed to the normal three that print journal Articles receive.  In the Primary Edit, a Discourse Editor performs a substantive and technical edit, while staff checks the piece for accuracy and edits the citations.  The author then has the opportunity to accept/reject changes and make any of her own revisions.  Next, the Chief Executive Editor and Chief Managing Editor perform their own edit, and the author then has one final chance to make any last-minute changes.  The piece is then reviewed one final time to catch any remaining mistakes, and then published directly to Discourse.  If at any time the author chooses to waive a round of editing, we can complete the piece and have it posted that much sooner.  The general editing timeframe usually takes about eight to ten weeks, but we seek to turn around selected Discourse pieces as quickly as possible.