Law Meets World

Law Meets World is a UCLA Law Review online project that features series of essays on today's most pressing problems at the intersection of law and society. It illustrates the concrete ways in which the law operates in people's lives and communities. It aims to center voices that are marginalized in legal discourse while addressing issues of systemic inequity. It is a platform for lawyers and nonlawyers alike to engage in dialogue in search of solutions to these problems.

Critical Race Theory in Practice

March 2022

Special Issue: Jailhouse Lawyering

May 2021

Special Issue: Law Meets World Vol. 68

August 2020

Indigenous Peoples, Sustainability, and Climate Change

March 2020

Education, Labor & Law: The Teacher Strikes in Los Angeles and Across the U.S.

October 2019

Emerging Digital Technology and the Law

February 2019

Disability: Conversations at the Margins

February 2019

Gentrification, Displacement, and Dispossession

October 2018

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