Submission Guidelines for Students

The UCLA Law Review accepts comments written by students of UCLA School of Law during their course of study. Transfer and visiting students may submit works written at other schools. Comments are accepted during the spring and fall submission periods announced to students on this page and via the email.

The Comments Department evaluates student submissions using a variety of criteria, including originality, timeliness, logic of argument, use of authority, and writing style. The standards for selection are high: we usually select no more than two comments per issue.

How to Submit

Submit your paper to during the submission period. Please include in your email:

  • Full name;
  • Primary email address;
  • Daytime telephone number;
  • Comments Blind ID Number. Please email Assistant Director of Student Publications Iman Jafri at to receive one.;
  • Preemption Memo, located in a school-wide email;
  • A Personal Statement, which should be integrated into the same document as your Comment;
  • Signed Declaration of Academic Integrity;
  • PDF file of your paper. The manuscript must be double spaced (including footnotes), typed in 12-point Times New Roman font (10-point font for the footnotes), and include 1-inch margins. Place your Comments Blind ID Number on the front page of your manuscript. Combine your Comment with your Signed Declaration of Academic Integrity and Preemption Memo. The complete file should be named “Comment – [your topic].” For example, “Comment – Freedom of the Press in Murder Trials.” Do NOT identify yourself in the name of the file.

No member of UCLA Law Review will have access to your personal information provided in the e-mail, and all submissions will be reviewed as anonymous.

Student Comment Publishing Policy

The Comments Department will consider all student-written comments for publication, including those written for an independent study, papers for upper-division seminars, and other works not written for credit. However, UCLA Law Review does not publish essays, book reviews, response pieces, case notes, poetry, or other non-academic student-written works. For the types of student-written comments previously accepted for publication, refer to past issues of UCLA Law Review.

There is no page limit or minimum for consideration. As a guideline, comments chosen for publication are usually between 14,000 and 25,000 words, including footnotes. Preference will be given to comments that are 25,000 words or less.

UCLA Law Review does not accept submissions from students of other schools. No UCLA Law student may publish more than two comments in total with UCLA Law Review.

Membership on the Law Review Through Publication

UCLA Law Review welcomes submissions from UCLA School of Law students who are not current members of the journal. In addition to the possibility of being published, non-member student authors may receive an offer of UCLA Law Review membership. If a comment is slated for print-journal publication before October 1 of the student’s 3L year, the Board of Editors may extend an offer of membership with the publication offer. Publishing with UCLA Law Review, however, does not require accepting the offer of membership.

The membership offer is contingent on the production demands of UCLA Law Review. All UCLA Law Review members, including students receiving membership offers through publication, are required to fulfill all staff responsibilities, with adjustments available under the discretion of the Board of Editors.

 Review the UCLA Law Review Plagiarism Policy and Declaration