di·a·lec·tic /dī-ə-ˈlek-tik/ ·n.
The art of investigating the truth of opinions; testing of truth by discussion.

On Dialectic, we invite our authors, as well as other legal scholars and professionals, to comment on topical issues raised by the UCLA Law Review publications. The podcast format allows us to offer in-depth information about the published articles and situate them within the broader context of law and politics.

Criminalizing Survival: Homelessness and the Law (Part 2)

This episode is the second of a two part series examining the complexity of addressing homelessness. In this episode, we speak to Shayla Myers of the Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles to discuss her work litigating on behalf of the unhoused, as...

Episode 4.4: California's Climate Future - Part II

In this episode, we explore California's entrée as a global leader on climate change with UCLA Law Professor Cara Horowitz, especially following the 2018 Global Climate Action Summit, an international climate conference spearheaded by former...

Episode 4.3: California's Climate Future - Part I

In this episode, we talk with UCLA Professor Cara Horowitz about what's at stake as greenhouse gases rise, both globally and in California, particularly in light of a recent report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change describing the...