di·a·lec·tic /dī-ə-ˈlek-tik/ ·n.
The art of investigating the truth of opinions; testing of truth by discussion.

On Dialectic, we invite our authors, as well as other legal scholars and professionals, to comment on topical issues raised by the UCLA Law Review publications. The podcast format allows us to offer in-depth information about the published articles and situate them within the broader context of law and politics.

Episode 9.1: Race, Professionalism, and White Supremacy with Leah Goodridge

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Dialectic volume 72! In this episode, host Kyler McVoy and guest Leah Goodridge discuss the racial dynamics of professionalism and its origin in settler-colonial and white supremacist ideologies, expanding on Leah's recently published essay: Professionalism as a Racial Construct.  Dialectic UCLA Law Review · Race, Professionalism, and White Supremacy with Leah...

Episode 8.2: Professor Sanford Williams: Friends, Family, and the FCC

In this episode of Dialectic, UCLA Law Lecturer at Law Sanford Williams shares his personal story about his journey to working at the FCC. The episode explores the nature of the FCC, its decision-making process as an administrative agency, and some of the most current important topics in telecommunications that the FCC is examining. Dialectic UCLA Law Review · Professor Sanford Williams: Friends...

Episode 8.1: Desert Flower: Bibi Barba, Aboriginal Art Theft, and the IGC

In this episode of dialectic, Australian Aboriginal artist Bibi Barba shares her personal story of how she became an artist and how her grandmother inspired her to capture her culture through art. The episode explores the challenges that Indigenous artists like Bibi face in protecting their intellectual property and cultural heritage, as well as the importance of the work being done by the IGC to...

Season 7, Episode 5: Tribal Sovereignty, Decolonization, and Abolition with Grace Carson

In this episode, Grace Carson discusses the intersections of abolition theory and decolonization theory, and how Tribes should reconsider systems of punishment and instead create systems of care and liberation as outlined in her article, Tribal Sovereignty, Decolonization, and Abolition: Why Tribes Should Reconsider Punishment, which will be punished in December 2022. Dialectic UCLA Law Review ·...

Season 7, Episode 4: Beyond the Schoolhouse Doors: Anti-Black Racism and the Exclusion of Black Caregivers

This work, calls upon the civil rights and education justice communities to expand their vision of school discipline law and policy reform to include the often ignored, yet deeply impacted lives of parents, caregivers, and families.  Deploying what critical race theorists define as storytelling or counter-narratives, the authors share Nyla’s story to bring forward an all too common deployment of...

Season 7, Episode 2: Academic Success in Law School

In this episode, Professor Wonsowicz and Professor Goodman joins us to discuss best strategies to succeed in law school.

Hosted by: Alyssa Sanderson and Nicole Powell
Dialectic UCLA Law Review · Season 7, Episode 2: Academic Success in Law School

Season 7, Episode 1: CRT Forward

This episode of Dialectic highlights the work of the CRT Forward initiative and its goals, in conversation between CRT Forward Director, and CRS Alum Taifha Alexander, and Critical Race Studies student Nicole Powell.

Season 6, Episode 1: Undocuqueerness with Julio Salgado and Atziri Peña

Dialectic UCLA Law Review · Season 6, Episode 1: Undocuqueerness with Julio Salgado and Atziri Peña In this episode, we talk with Julio Salgado and Atziri Peña about being undocuqueer and the intersections with social advocacy, immigrant narratives and the law.

Season 6: Introduction

Dialectic UCLA Law Review · Season 6: Introduction Welcome to Dialectic Season 6, Law, Media, and Social Advocacy.

Season 5, Episode 4: The Information Imbalance: How privacy laws are tipping the scales of justice against defendants.

March 10, 2020 In this episode, we sit down with Professor Rebecca Wexler to discuss the intersection of privacy laws and the criminal justice system. States around the country are adopting new, stricter privacy laws, in response to a growing awareness of just how much personal and important data companies are keeping about consumers, and how vulnerable that data is. But those privacy laws have...