di·a·lec·tic /dī-ə-ˈlek-tik/ ·n.
The art of investigating the truth of opinions; testing of truth by discussion.

On Dialectic, we invite our authors, as well as other legal scholars and professionals, to comment on topical issues raised by the UCLA Law Review publications. The podcast format allows us to offer in-depth information about the published articles and situate them within the broader context of law and politics.

Episode 5.1: Criminalizing Survival: Homelessness and the Law

This episode is the first of a two part series examining the complexity of addressing homelessness. In Los Angeles in particular, as the voters were passing measures for significantly increasing the amount of money available to address homelessness and help people find housing, the city continued to enforce ordinances that violated the civil rights of people who did not have a home. In this...

Episode 4.4: California's Climate Future - Part II

In this episode, we explore California's entrée as a global leader on climate change with UCLA Law Professor Cara Horowitz, especially following the 2018 Global Climate Action Summit, an international climate conference spearheaded by former California Governor Jerry Brown. We also discuss some of the critiques of the Summit and of Governor Brown's environmental policies, particularly from...

Episode 4.3: California's Climate Future - Part I

In this episode, we talk with UCLA Professor Cara Horowitz about what's at stake as greenhouse gases rise, both globally and in California, particularly in light of a recent report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change describing the crisis. We also talk with UCLA Professor William Boyd about SB 100, a bill passed last year by the California legislature that commits California to...

Episode 3.7: Threats to the Constitutional Order

In this episode, we sit down with Professors Aziz Huq, Tom Ginsburg and Lawrence Sager to discuss threats to constitutional democracy and how well America’s constitutional democracy might fare in the face of those threats.

Episode 3.1: Fall 2017 Preview

Muneeba, David, and Chris, the Volume 65 hosts of Dialectic, give a quick preview of what to expect this fall.

Episode 2.4: Discussing Judge Neil Gorsuch with Professor Adam Winkler

In this episode, we discuss Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch.  Tune in to hear our guest, UCLA Law Professor Adam Winkler, describe Judge Gorsuch's judicial philosophy and record.  You'll also hear Professor Winkler explain what to expect during Judge Gorsuch's upcoming nomination process. The study we discuss in this interview is Estimating the Policy Preferences of Judge Neil M. Gorsuch by...

Episode 2.3: Taking Back Juvenile Confessions with Professor Kevin Lapp

In this episode, we interview Loyola Law professor Kevin Lapp, whose article Taking Back Juvenile Confessions was recently featured in the UCLA Law Review's Fall Scholar Forum and is published in issue 64.4 of the UCLA Law Review. Tune in to hear Professor Lapp describe the unique cognitive and developmental needs of juvenile criminal defendants and discuss one way the criminal law might better...