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  • Prestige. The UCLA Law Review is ranked the 6th in the list of leading law journals, and the 3rd most impactful journal in the nation.* We publish only cutting-edge scholarship from a variety of legal fields. Your article will be surrounded by other works at the forefront of their respective disciplines.
  • Quality. Our editorial process enables authors to publish pieces of the highest quality. Each article goes through multiple rounds of substantive and formatting edits by our qualified staff and editors. Additionally, UCLA Law School’s Empirical Research Group is available to review an author’s empirical work should the author express interest in this service. These processes are designed to provide you a comprehensive feedback of all aspects of your manuscript. However, you retain the right make final decisions about your work.
  • Timeliness. We take our commitment to offer relevant scholarship very seriously. The publishing schedule is strictly enforced, so that articles raising time-sensitive issues are published timely.

* According to WLU's ranking for 2016.