Symposium 2024 - Red Rising: The Shifting Legal Landscape of Tribal Sovereignty

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Related Reading Materials:

Panel 1: Land and Cultural Stewardship
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Michalyn Steele and Stephanie Hall Barclay, Rethinking Protections for Indigenous Sacred Sites, 134 Harv. L. Rev. 1294 (2021).

Panel 2: Indigenous Water Rights and the Trust Responsibility
Arizona v. Navajo Nation, 599 US. ___ (2023).
Heather Tanana, Voices of the River: The Rise of Indigenous Women Leaders in the Colorado River Basin, 34 Colo Nat. Resources Energy & Env't L. Rev. 2 (2023).
Dylan Hedden-Nicely and Lucius K. Caldwell, Indigenous Rights and Climate Change: The Influence of Climate Change on the Quantification of Reserved Instream Water Rights for American Indian Tribes, 2020 Utah L. Rev. 755 (2020).

Panel 3: Indigenous Peoples and International Law
Kristen A. Carpenter and Angela R. Riley, Indigenous Peoples and the Jurisgenerative Moment in Human Rights, 102 Calif. L. Rev. 173 (2014)

Panel 4: Tribal Sovereignty and the United States Supreme Court
Haaland v. Brackeen, 599 U.S.___(2023).
Oklahoma v. Castro-Huerta, 597 U.S.___(2022).