The Anti-Parent Juvenile Court

ABSTRACT This Article identifies and analyzes features of the juvenile delinquency court that harm the people on whom children most heavily depend: their parents. By negatively affecting a child’s family—creating financial stress, undermining a...

Season 7, Episode 2: Academic Success in Law School

On this episode, Professor Wonsowicz and Professor Goodman joins us to discuss best strategies to succeed in law school.

Hosted by: Alyssa Sanderson and Nicole Powell
Dialectic UCLA Law Review · Season 7, Episode 2: Academic Success in Law School

Season 7, Episode 1: CRT Forward

This episode of Dialectic highlights the work of the CRT Forward initiative and its goals, in conversation between CRT Forward Director, and CRS Alum Taifha Alexander, and Critical Race Studies student Nicole Powell.

The War Against Asian Sailors and Fishers

ABSTRACT Beginning in the 1880s, maritime unions sought federal legislation to prevent Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, and Asian Indian sailors from serving as crew members on U.S.-flag vessels. The campaign succeeded and mandatory citizenship...