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The School Civil Rights Vacuum

This Article argues that courts unjustifiably limit public school liability under both the Fourteenth Amendment and Title IX for student physical, verbal, and sexual harassment and abuse.

Substance, Procedure, and the Rules Enabling Act

This Article articulates an understanding of the Rules Enabling Act that will equip the Supreme Court with the ability to judge a rule’s validity—and give the rulemakers much clearer guidance regarding the outer boundaries of their remit.

Autonomy in the Family

This Article accomplishes two key goals. First, it offers a novel lens through which to reconsider how best to promote meaningful choice in family form. Second, this Article draws on nonmarital parentage law, as well as the almost entirely...

The Venue Shuffle: Forum Selection Clauses and ERISA

Forum selection clauses are ubiquitous. Historically, the judiciary was hostile to contracts limiting a plaintiff’s venue options. The tide has since turned. Today, lower courts routinely enforce such clauses. This Article challenges this reflexive...

Regulating Bot Speech

Concerns over bot speech have led prominent figures in the world of technology to call for regulations in response to the unique threats bots pose. This work is the first to consider how efforts to regulate bots might run afoul of the First...