Bringing Visibility to AAPI Reproductive Care After Dobbs


Dobbs’ impact on growing AAPI communities is underexamined in legal scholarship. This Essay begins to fill that gap, seeking to bring together an overdue focus on the socio-legal experiences of AAPI communities with examination of the effects of reversing Roe and Casey on women of color. It does so by prompting a research agenda that connects diverse AAPI women’s experiences, abortion access, and Dobbs’ impact.

About the Author

Professor of Law and Judge Denny Chin Scholar, Rutgers Law School, Rutgers University. For generous feedback and discussion, I thank Robert Chang, Elaine Chiu, Jorie Dugan, Rachel Godsil, Joanna Grossman, Lisa Ikemoto, Donna Lee, Thomas Lee, John Leubsdorf, Maya Manian, Amy Myrick, the Center on Asian Americans and the Law at Fordham School of Law, and the faculty of St. John’s School of Law. For excellent research assistance, I thank Dan Adamek, Andrew Da Silva, Sara Iannarelli, Alyssa Jasuale, Jenna Leanza, Brenda Milouchev, and Nicole Ryu. For superb editing and support of this project, I thank the editors and staff of UCLA Law Review.