I’m a loser
I lose

I lost my way
I lost my kids
I lost my say

I lost my power
Plucked right out of my chest
In my heart’s final hour
Motherhood stolen for family court to devour

Still I demand and I plead
Bring my babies home to me!
It’s my blood they bleed
It’s my love they need!

All my strength couldn’t fight the shock
They took my joy and lodged a boulder between us
So I dug my nails into their rock
Told this mountain to suck my cock
And ground my feet into dusty chalk

But there is no top to this impossible climb
They set you up to beat you down
They give you hope to seem sublime
Till you hear the heartless clock of ASFA chime
Then they force a goodbye for the final time
This sinister shit is the actual crime

But they will only blame you
You’re the problem, it’s all your fault
They try to belittle and shame you
Shred your self-image and rename you
You’re the respondent and they can’t tame you
You do what they say and they still defame you
All the while you know you’re the same you

Who the fuck are they to tell you shit?
They ride in on white horses and ride out with your children
Shielding themselves from justice because you’re “unfit”
Touting morality while forcing good parents to quit
Don’t ever need help, don’t ever get hit
Or CPS will swoop in like a hypocrite
“Protect the children,” they’ll spew in venomous spit
When they know damn well the kids get the worst of it

Thrown into a system they dare label “care”
Foster kids are four times more likely to attempt suicide
Babies neglected for money, older kids run from their snare
Many face trauma they’re too little to share
They tell us when they can, “foster mommy touched me there”
Innocent children face pain they can’t bear
Too young to know how to process and repair
Some cope with drugs, some in gangs, some with prayer
Many prefer to just end this nightmare

Left behind are heartbroken parents, desperate and distraught
Mothers stripped of their kids are at five times the risk of suicide
Many mamas’ terror begins on a hospital cot
The last nine months of nurture are all for naught
They came to give birth but death is what they got
Mandated reporters let the family grim reaper take their shot
And so begins a vicious, duplicitous onslaught
Most of us lose though we fought and we fought

We are still parents, now devastated by loss
We failed to protect our babies before we knew our rights
When atrocity came knocking, under a shiny, phony gloss
We opened our doors, stood back and let them cross
Then they sliced through our homes like a sword through moss
Little did we know, we had just met our new boss
Set on pureeing our hearts into sauce

Gut-wrenching work these do-gooders do
Portraying to all it’s their guts that are wrenched
But open eyes see their narrative askew
The fairytale endings are the bit they tell you
They “help troubled parents build their lives anew”
They “rescue poor babies” but that’s just not true

They destruct our identity, destroy our bond
Sever sacred ties, inflict unnatural pain
In demolishing families, they go above and beyond
With the gall to keep us apart, lest we abscond
But tell me: how do I steal a kid that I spawned?

Maybe I am a loser
I’ve lost what’s most precious to me
But take a closer look at my accuser
CPS is the real abuser

Let’s take them down
Destruct their destruction
Of poor, Black, and Brown

Flip the script on the powers that be, put them on their knees,
expose their twisted priorities
Lose this loser mentality the family police afforded me, take back
parental authority

I’m a mom and my babies need me!