Restoration Remedies for Remaining Residents


The foreclosure crisis left its mark on neighborhoods in countless ways. Remaining residents, those who continue to live in neighborhoods with many foreclosures, suffer unique harms because of adjacent foreclosed homes: depressed property values, higher crime, safety hazards, and reduced city services. In the current aftermath, attention has focused on preventing additional foreclosures and assisting those displaced after losing their homes. Taking a different approach, this Comment highlights the challenges facing remaining residents. It assesses the landscape of legal remedies available to remaining residents and proposes a model approach designed to address the most common challenges facing municipalities across the country. At its core, this Comment advocates for a strong and comprehensive local government response to support the recovery of communities affected by foreclosures.

About the Author

David Kane is a J.D. graduate of the UCLA School of Law, 2013, with a specialization in Public Interest Law and Policy. In 2012–13, he was Chief Comments Editor of UCLA Law Review, Volume 60.

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